Understanding a system is the key to a better design. Better in a real-life engineering sense, adding features, with increased robustness and easier application.

We specialize on networking, because it is a central element to car systems evolution, a backbone on which innovation is built for in-vehicle systems.

Aggregating features to solve more complex problems, relying on efficient networking solutions. Developing these solutions represents a unique challenge which requires a deep understanding of the interactions between systems.

The CET way

Our expertise paves the way for new and more useful features built on networking solutions.

Automotive systems exchange information in diverse ways, using bus systems and networks, both in vehicle as well as external, to achieve high level user relevant features.

We apply our knowledge of automotive networks designs, protocol gateways, network drivers, communication frameworks and system validation to make this happen, while pursuing our goal of increasing the efficiency in all levels.
Evolution through networking

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